The fastest way.

The fastest way to reach a goal is to do the work; The fastest way to get through a season of something extremely difficult is to acknowledge it; the best way to grieve; the best way to set boundaries; the best way to lose weight; the best way to be honest about what you’re actually doing and then take action.

Take stock. Check in. Walk through you life like you were watching yourself on tv. What are you actually doing? What are you “worried” others are thinking about. Why does that bother you? Why do you care?

Are you being true to yourself?

The fastest way to reach a goal is to actually DO THE WORK. The quickest way to get out of a season of shit, is to make your mental and physical adjustments and feel it. Acknowledge it and stop being so hard on yourself.

Stop saying, “What’s wrong with me?” and start saying, “What did I just go through? What has happened to me?”

That is NOT a reason to make excuses about why you’re not or feel like you cannot reach a goal or way of life that you want. This is about finding the reasons so you can UNDERSTAND them and let them go. It’s about being able to give yourself a break so you can move forward.

Now if you’re letting those reasons stop you from doing something, THEN you’re using them as excuses. Yes, you are. Whether you want to hear that our not.

If you’re using those reasons as a way to understand yourself and shift your plan or your focus to move forward, even if that moving forward takes week, months or years, then you’re doing the work! Congratulations.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
— Nelson Mandela

It's not always going to be okay.

hollie card.jpg

It’s not always going to be okay;

Unless we let it be.

“Everything is going to be Okay”, is a phrase that I can no longer support. Why? Because everything doesn’t always work out “Okay”. Some things don’t work out at all.

I started adjusting my phrase from “It’s not okay, but we’re going to get through it.” to “It’s just meant to be different than I may have had in my head.”

Maybe YOU need to hear this right now about something that you’ve been going through that is just plain hard. You are not alone. This is probably is one of the hardest feeling things you’ve been through yet.

“This” (This situation, your goal, your life, etc) might just be meant to be different. You don’t have to know what different meas right now but together, we can figure it out.

Not everything is always okay-unless we let it be.

I’ve had many people ask me throughout the years why I believe in God; if I think there is Absolute Truth; How do I know; Why they should continue to have Faith when nothing, and I mean NOTHING, works in a way that makes sense.

I think if everything made sense, we WOULD be God and that’s simply not our job. It is our job to question things but it is also our job to make a choice even when things don’t make sense. Not making a choice, IS a making a choice to continue to flounder.

It’s SUPPOSED to get really hard sometimes. I thing we forget that especially when we get comfortable enjoying life.

HARD gets us to the best outcome. Now I’m not saying to make things hard on yourself on purpose. NOT even a little bit. I’m talking about both the times when life throws things at us that make zero sense or when we are shooting for goals that we want to achieve.

Perspective, humbleness, compassion for ourselves and others, physical and internal strength and success, with however we individually define success for ourselves, comes while we’re going through the process of tough things life has thrown at us or through challenges we’ve picked up to reach a goal for ourselves.

I get it, it’s hard. SOOO hard. What is “it”? Whatever you’re going through right now that feels hard. To move through to the next level it’s going to feel like it’s even more difficult because it’s just a territory you’ve never been in physically, emotionally, financially, etc. Breathing INTO it, leaning INTO it, working THROUGH it, is going to be the key that gives you the relief you’ve been looking for. The only shortcut to get through it, is to GO through it. (We’ll talk more about this in another post.”

Do not stay stuck. Emotionally, physically, financially or any other way that you’re uncomfortable with. Reach out to us and we will help point you in a direction.

Whether you need resource suggestion, another professional, a counselor, coach, mentor, fellow business entrepreneur, or even just encouragement, let us help connect you.

Will there be people that disagree with you? Of course, but it's worth telling for the one person you might help.

hollie outside with filter.jpg

You’ve got a story to tell and it’s not anyone’s story to tell but yours.

You need validation or a green light to tell it from no one except yourself.

Your education level, life station and income verification do not apply in order to tell your story.

Whether you tell it on a mountain, at a conference or with written word; Trust me, you’ve got a story to tell and there is someone out there that both wants and needs to hear it.

Don’t let your own self-doubt prevent you from helping others. They need you. We need you. The world needs you.

Don’t know where to start? Just start talking. The rest will figure itself out.

Your story, your perspective and after you share it, you’re going to know even more that you’re not alone in it.

Love letter to my kids along with the #1 Valentine's Playlist Song Pick

To my girls,

A few things to remember as you go through life :

The most important relationships you’ll ever have are with God and yourself.  All the rest are just icing on the cake.

Books are wonderful. Keep reading but also keep in mind that there will never be a book thick enough to teach you the same things that actual experience can. Go DO things even when you’re afraid, just be smart about it!

Change will be the only consistent thing in your life; embrace it even when it hurts. It’s okay to get comfortable as long as you know that in order to grow things will always need to shift. If you’re paying attention, even the most subtle shift can be felt. 

 “Everyone has to find their own way. I’m sure things will work out okay. -I wish that were the truth. All we know is that the sun will rise. Thank your lucky stars you’re alive. It’s a beautiful life.”

Don’t let anyone ever discount your experiences. You’ve earned them. You’ve already lived enough hurt for a hundred lifetimes but there will still be more. Let it harden you enough to set your standards high and your boundaries strong but keep you gentle enough to live with an open heart.

Learn how to Bless and release as much as you love.

And lastly, remember what we’ve learned together: what a beautiful richness it is to have a quiet space to call your own but home is not an actual place or location. It’s wherever your heart happens to be at any given time.

And you, my girls, are my heart.

I won’t sleep till you’re safe inside.



St. Valentine

Valentine’s day is not a Hallmark holiday.

Maybe you love Valentine’s season or maybe you’re a part of the cynical crowd that gets it all wrong thinking that it’s only for lovers. Maybe you’ve never really thought much about it because it’s just not considered an important holiday.

In 1537 it was officially declared Valentine’s day after a very special clergyman named St. Valentine.

The date as well as tradition varies in different towns in different countries but it is still marked as a day of kindness and love.

I hope you are able to show kindness, appreciation and love for everyone that is special to you but also everyone that comes across your path.

As human beings we have our moods and aren’t always able to give our best care, but I would encourage you with the season upon us now, that you give it a shot. Misery may love company, but so does love.

On Purpose.

As it turns out, I’ve done a lot of things in my life that are ahead of the trend. It usually happens on accident most often during the times I’m actually choosing to acknowledge my internal compass.

Apparently the growing trend this year is having a word that you can put into action. You’ll see, if you look back to my earlier writings or if you’re a member of any of my private groups, I’ve been choosing specific words to focus on for about two years now. My main word of focus in 2018 was “Action”. It turned into a pivotal year of putting ideas into action that I have had for as long as I can remember. Some of those ideas were flops and some turned out brilliantly. As one of my favorite authors, Mel Robbins, would say, “5,4,3,2,1, Go. Motivation is bullshit. You just have to do it.”

This year I don’t have a word. I have a phrase that has been in my head since long before the New Year ball dropped in any state. I believe this phrase is going to be another power play in my journey.

The phrase is “ON PURPOSE”. As in: with intention, planned, thought out, with reason, etc.

There are so many things in life that drag us along. We cannot control every situation and people don’t belong to us. We don’t always have the final say when tough things happen to us, our loved ones or the world around us.

By doing the things on purpose, even the most simple things, we can make the moments we’re choosing that much more enjoyable. Gratitude shows up and peace beyond any understanding begins to take over. In turn, this makes the moments that we cannot control- the time that gets shifted out of our hands- into something that can fill our bucket in ways that astound even those with the most questioning of Faith.

Living intentionally allows us to to recharge our own personal battery, fill the bucket, the cup, or whichever term you use to explain how you ground yourself, re-energize and have growth with your own mental, physical and emotional well-being.

I hope you have already experienced how living with intention allows us to be able to offer a much better version of ourselves to others.

Whether you’re doing simple every day things or trekking the Australian Outback while solving worldly problems, do it on purpose. Or….. maybe find your own phrase this year.

With love and positive intention,


Celebrating on purpose with Shannon! This phrase is going to mean more BIG things!

Celebrating on purpose with Shannon! This phrase is going to mean more BIG things!

Happy Smidge Day!

hollie birds on a wire.jpg

Happy Bird Day!

Do you know the best time range to get your most effective quality of sleep?

It’s National Bird Day!

There are so many bird expressions!

Free as a bird; On the wings of a dove; One flew over the Cuckoos nest; Eagle Eye; Birds of a feather flock together; Eat like a bird; Take you under my wing; Like water off a ducks back; Happy as a lark; Crazy as a loon; Night Owl, and my personal favorite, Early Bird!

All Summer long I generally wake up between 4:30-4:45 AM. It’s that beautiful predawn when it’s light out but the sun has yet to rise.

In the Summer the birds begin chirping fairly early outside my bedroom window. In the Winter, a feature on my iphone called “bedtime” allows me to wake up to birds quietly chirping that gradually get louder the longer it takes for me to wake up. (Instead of setting the “alarm” on your iphone, choose the “bedtime” option from the clock icon. Or simply go to a regular alarm clock and leave your phone out of your room.)

When Fall hit, I began struggling to get out of bed any earlier than 7:00 AM. It was dark and cold and I was exhausted! The running miles that I logged became shorter and I transitioned into cross-training workouts indoors only. I was Tired with a capital “T”. Tired translated into sleeping in more. On the mornings that my clients started at 7:00 AM or earlier, I’d skip my workouts altogether and sleep until I had to get ready to leave.

This became a vicious cycle for many months. I wondered if I just needed more hours of sleep during the Winter months, needed to go to bed earlier, later, get more vitamin D, etc. I played around with different amounts of sleep and I’ve discovered a couple of things that seem to ring true for me:

  1. I need fresh air to feel like a human being. Sunlight (real vitamin D) and fresh air improve the quality of your sleep naturally.

  2. If I wake up in a particular stage of sleep, it doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve had prior, I’ll be either alert or exhausted.

  3. My best personal range of sleep is between 10:30 PM and 5:00 AM. If I “sleep in” even if just until 6:00 AM or heaven forbid as late at 7:00, my system drags and wants to continue sleeping all day. If I go to bed after 11:45 PM, even if I sleep in until 8, I’m equally exhausted.

  4. Functioning on 3 or less hours of sleep for several days at a time lowers my immune function and creates an entire host of malfunction in my well-being.

  5. When I get enough quality sleep, I feel like I can conquer the world.

Sleep is restorative and when we sleep well, it’s the time our body does it’s best healing.

The amount and range of sleep a person needs is personal. I encourage you to go to bed early enough, and when possible, let your body sleep until it wakes up. This may give you an idea of the hours you personally need in an average cycle. When you get an idea of the hours, then you can play around with a schedule. From there I encourage you to be consistent with your sleep cycle when your life allows it; even on the weekends.

Bonus: 20 minutes (or less) power naps midday can be an excellent refresher and give a boost to your afternoon cognitive function. And NEVER, hit the snooze button!

Bonne Nuit,


P.S. Meet Smidge! He’s a good friend of ours! <3 Happy Bird Day Smidge!


Keeping our largest organ healthy!

Skin is the largest organ on our body. On the average adult, our skin spans roughly 22 square feet!  We need both internal and external support for our skin and it may change depending on our age.

Internal factors are things we can control such as hydration, nutrition, sleep.

External factors are environmental pollution, weather, sun exposure, bacteria and ingredients that we choose to apply, or not apply, directly to our skin . 

Skin is an excellent barrier but can also let things permeate which is why it's important to take note of things you may be exposed to in your surroundings and products.  

SUN EXPOSURE:  Did you know that you need 15 minutes of unprotected UVA time in the sun each day? While Vitamin D supplements are okay, sunshine is free and still the best way to increase your Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D affects your skin as well as your fatigue level, quality of sleep and mood.  Of course, if you have health conditions or tend to burn easily, taking precautions such as choosing non-peak hours may be your best option. 

H20: Drinking at least half you body weight in water will help deliver important nutrients to the cells in your skin to keep it functioning at it's highest cellular level. 

SLEEP: Skin repairs and rebuilds collagen while we sleep! Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep and you'll begin seeing the effects of this extra elasticity in as little as two weeks! 

CLEANING: Keeping skin clean is important. One of our biggest advances in medical care over history has been learning that basic washing can keep people from spreading bacteria or picking up illness from others.

Choosing the right exfoliation for your age and type of skin can help keep things open for vitamins (like Vitamin D), minerals, fats and other protective, nourishing components to enter. 

INGREDIENTS: Activated Charcoal can absorb over 2,000 times it's own weight in free radicals, pollution and toxins that build up. Many infections are caused simply by getting a cut and being exposed to the bacteria we already have on our skin.

Serums have a much smaller molecule than lotions and creams.  Serum generally allows nutrients to penetrate deeper which also allows any other lotions or creme on top to work at it's full capacity. I highly recommend serum be added to any skin care routine for face and neck.  

For full body, I recommend a body scrub containing salt, sugar, volcanic ash or charcoal powder. Follow either with nourishing and protective butters like Shea and Aloe to replace the good vitamins and healthy fats that we take away while getting rid of the bad.


20's: In our 20's skin isn't ready to grow up. Some days are clear and others you've got a code red in the middle of your chin.  Look for products containing Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel.   (Too Hot to Spot; Schwanky and Soft; Calling All Fairies; Exsqeeze Me, Gel Yes!; Bath Bomb Fizi's)

30's: Uneven skin tone is our biggest culprit during our 30's. Brightening ingredients like Vitamin C and Ginseng will help maintain a youthful glow. Now is also the time to start adding pro-aging products to your routine.  (Bright Young Thang, Serves You Bright)

40's: Skin begins to lose collagen and elastin in this age bracket. It needs help from ingredients like caffeine, peptides and antioxidants to look smooth and wrinkle free.  (Nothing Phases Me; Hips Don't Lie; Moisture 911; Hot and Gold; Defiant Collection)

50's: Likelier drier now than ever, skin in it's 50's needs more than just a heavy moisturizer. It's extremely important to exfoliate which allows moisture to absorb better.  Products containing Glycolic Acid, Fruit Enzymes and Eco-Beads are great for removing dull skin.  (BFF; Grit with it, Love the Dark, Pj's All Day, You Apricot Me)

Crystal Encapsulated Vegan Cholesterol, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin, Tea Tree oil, Caffeine, Colloidal Gold and Shea Butter are just a few other ingredients that can optimize skin appearance and performance. 

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Shop Naturally Based Ingredients and Innovative Technology Here!&nbsp;

                  Shop Naturally Based Ingredients and Innovative Technology Here! 

It isn't in my blood.

We can’t always see where the road leads but God promises there’s something better up ahead. We just have to trust Him.
— Psalm 56.3

When this song came on my Pandora music station this morning, I don't think it was ironic, coincidence or even serendipity that put me in the same place on the road where blood has recently been worn away. 

Sliding into hour 3 of what should have been a 4 hour run, I had a moment of the "should haves" before I realized that I AM doing this now.  Did. Done.  My original goal was to be much further along in hours and mileage on this particular calendar day.

So as I physically run, I mentally run through a little reflection. I untie the the hoodie around my waist and throw it in the ditch on the side of the road; anything to lighten the load in any way.

We have no shortage of excitement in our lives. We have no shortage of things being out of our control and we certainly have no shortage of things on our daily task list. 

The blood on the road was from my dad. In June he was in an accident. I honestly have no idea how he survived though he did and is currently doing well.  

Calendar-speak, the hospital and care time set things back on "my" plan for work and personal things by at least a month. As I thought about how the rest of our life timeline has gone I realized that we've actually adjusted through an incredible amount of adversity over many years. 

Some days only God knows why I have a will to keep going. Those are also the days that I rely heavily on the fact that He does know and that I still trust Him. 

I may not have been able to check items off my to-do list or add miles to my run while praying in another plane ride as crew members worked to resuscitate another of my loved ones.  Big deal. I'm doing the things now and adding miles to my run most mornings. There's a bigger picture for my life. I don't always see it but I do trust it.

So, while running past that place on the highway where I held my dads hand as he lay bleeding and unconscious waiting for the ambulance, I began thinking about the other major events that my family and I have come through.  I became both humble and proud.  Even with all the unscheduled detours, giving up..... well, that just isn't in our blood! 


When you have ZERO time for Self-Care

*Fun Fact*   This is me fresh out of the shower. About once a week, I get a little over excited about my to-do list. I panic about how to fit everything  in. I shower as fast as I can. I run around post-shower (ridiculous, I know) often getting stopped mid-grooming to attend to something for my kids or simply another idea I need to get down on paper.  So, here I am living in the moment, post-shower and anxious about my schedule. I decided I needed to show you. No staging, no make-up, just a quick picture in front of my window to show you that this is real life. It's not the first time, nor will it be the last that I leave the comb hanging mid-stroke to attend to something that seems pressing. I get it. Maybe you do too.

And just because you think you're short on time, does not mean you can't use the best ingredients, at the best prices, to take care of your basic well-being. You can START by Clicking HERE

Hollie Bahr

Different Views + Different Perspectives = Better Results

On a recent trip to Australia, I was the person in charge of navigating how to drive on the opposite side of the car, on the opposite side of the most winding, narrow road. The only things were a rock wall on one side and some trees with a steep drop off to the Coral Sea on the other. Or so I thought. The speed limit was not slow and changed about every 1/4 mile. No joke.  Needless to say, I couldn't take my eyes off the road.  Luckily there were 4 other passengers in the SUV.

I was so focused on where I had to be looking for our safety, that I missed all the other beautiful views and opportunities outside my range of vision. 

We had driven by this incredible stacking rock area SIX times over a 3 day period. I never noticed it! I was so busy navigating the main path, that I never realized there were several, very small, side stops.  I am so thankful there were passengers with me who not only saw this, but shared what they had experienced from their view. When they asked to stop and walk down to the area they could even tell me that they had also seen a place to pull off and park.   I can't believe I hadn't seen this! 

This situation applies to anything in our lives.  It's important to listen to other views and other perspectives.  When we do, we can often get better results in our own lives. 

Had I argued and disagreed about an accessible pull off area or a Zen Rock Garden I hadn't witnessed (I mean after all, I was the one driving. Of course I had seen "everything" on the route.) I would have never had this glorious opportunity with my family to create memories, have some fun and see something more breathtaking then that road I was so determined to stay on! 

 Bonus: We got some really cool pictures to go with those irreplaceable moments. 

Reiki Healing Energy works much like those passengers in the car.  It is a guide to open up new paths that can lead us to better moments in our lives that we can't, for many reasons, see right now.  We just have to be willing to pull over the vehicle and listen.  (That's a euphemism for  trying Reiki Energy and being open to different ways of getting you to the next step in your own life and wellness.)

All Summer long, new Reiki clients will have the option to experience this new opportunity for a highly discounted rate.  Click here to book a Reiki session today!  

Moments. Capture when you can, not when you're ready.


I never used to like taking pictures. I certainly would have never posted anything, especially a random snap, for the public to view. I definitely would have never allowed pictures of myself; unedited pictures would have gotten thrown away or deleted. 

The difference between now versus then? I've come to appreciate that "life is measured in moments". If we're too busy worrying if those moments look or feel perfect, we miss most of the joy.   Opportunity ALWAYS comes from adversity and photos are often as imperfect as our lives.    

Here's my dad this Memorial Day, 2018!  What an honor to be able to still personally tell him Thank You for his and others service in our Armed Forces. He's a Vietnam Veteran.  He's coming up on 70 years old as quickly as I'm approaching 40.  His health is declining but he is still serving because his moments are filled with different memories-ones that many of us are thankful not to have.

I knew as soon as he saw us that we would get a smile out of him no matter what his stance.   He still remembers, as many soldiers will for the rest of their lives, what it's like to be in situations where humor is not an option.  I believe this is why he takes the opportunity to joke whenever he can.

The last picture was taken this Winter.  It is not a great picture by any definition of photography. It's just a random snap of my girls enjoying a moment together.  Is there anything better than those you love enjoying each other's company? 

Our lives are built and made up of moments. Don't wait for them to be perfect! I say, snap a few by camera when you can!


It's okay to be scared

hollie table sitting.png

It's okay

to be scared. It's not okay to let that stop you.

Practicing massage and bodywork outside was always a dream that I had. In that dream, I envisioned coast line, light breezes and the power of nature influencing the peace that comes with a bodywork session. But I was scared. I wasted a decade letting my fear and others confusion of logistics stop me. I would be lying if I said I had it all figured out. The truth is, I hope people keep coming up with new locations that will challenge my mind on the logistics; Because now I know that it is my job to figure it out because it's my passion. That's why I do what I do and you do what you do. So, name your spot and leave the logistics up to me. (Don't worry. We have an inside location if you're not ready to take the fresh air leap with us just yet.) In Wellness, Stress Relief and Love, Hollie Bahr

It's okay to be scared. It's not okay to let that stop you. 

Practicing Massage and Bodywork outdoors was a dream that I had from the beginning.  My first experience and series of massage was medical massage after a car accident in 1997. It hurt. But it also fascinated me. I was in school at the time with the intention of finishing a pre-law undergrad program and heading to law school after that. God had other plans.

In the year 2000 I decided to take a backpacking detour around England, France, Holland, Ireland and the Caribbean.  It was in the Caribbean that I experienced the power of water, wind and natural elements in the spa world. Except I didn't want to just be lying on the table; I wanted to be immersed. I wanted to live in that world. I signed up for Massage Therapy school in 2001 but didn't begin my own practice of massage therapy until 2004. 

It took over a decade to come to terms with the fact that it didn't matter if anyone else could figure out the logistics of incorporating the natural elements in a bodywork session. It is my passion so I welcome the challenge of new areas.  You don't have to worry about how things would work. You just have to be open to a massage or bodywork session, name your location and if there is a way to make it happen within reason, I most certainly will. 

 It is my belief that no matter how unsure of the logistics one might be, if there is a will...

To the Child Inside.

If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you probably don’t understand it yourself.
— Albert Einstein


I recently met with a 5 year old child that has been having medical issues.  Before working with her, I wondered how I would explain Reiki Healing Energy. 

What I learned during her first session was that she didn't really care, nor did she want to hear an explanation.  She just wanted me to do my work while she busied herself doing hers, whatever she decides it will be at her session time. 

I would encourage you on occasion to simply trust, like that 5 year old child, that the Universe has your back and that your practitioner (that's me!) is doing what I say that I'm going to do, which is help support you on your road to better health. 

As adults we want to be able to explain EVERYTHING. As someone who wants clear answers to everything myself, I understand that there are so many more questions as to how energy healing works. 

We don't always get the answers because we're not always meant to understand what is bigger than us.  However, that won't stop me from seeking them out.  Please know that I'm in pursuit of those answers in both my own personal practice and for your benefit.   

In the meantime, here is the bare bones,
"What if I had to explain it to a child?" version of how I understand my own Reiki healing practice to work.   

If you're ready to try something new please take advantage of our discounted rate for first time Reiki Clients.  

The Relentless Pursuit of Love

And the greatest of these is love.
— Corinthians 13:13
hollie grace ella relentless ziplining.jpg

Be relentless in your pursuit of love, life, joy and to just keep going. Each of our lives have an unknown, inevitable, expiration date.

If you can be an inspiration to even one person by being relentless through your own bumpy journey, then it will all have been worth it. 

I invite you, just in this moment, to let everything go. 

I encourage you to let all those ideas, methods or thoughts that you insist to be true or what you think is the only rational way to approach something, to dissolve.

It's okay to not have all the answers and it's okay to let the fear of possibility step in. Remember, it's just for the moment.   While you're at it, cut yourself some slack. 

I got an email this morning from an acquaintance. Her son was buried yesterday.  He died recently from an unexpected bacterial infection.  I did not ask details. I gave my sincere condolences and sat with that information on my heart all day. 

That news brought me back to something that I've learned over the last few years dealing directly with a real possibility of the death of my own children and myself; 


Not your title, education, age, social media status, relationship status, travel destinations, goals, what the weather is, what people think about how you run your life or the timeline in which you run it. Not your clothes, what you own, your social status or the hobbies you choose; Nor does your religion, philosophy on life or what you think about mine matter. 

Do you know what matters? YOU. People. Love. Care. Respect. Kindness.

Whatever else you decide to pursue is just extremely delicious icing on the cake. 


  YOU matter.  Loving people starts with yourself. Setting boundaries to keep yourself mentally, emotionally and physically healthy is a key component in making your moments with others count even more.   

Love People. Love Yourself. And be RELENTLESS in your pursuit to keep going.  

Elephant in the Room

We talk about energy all the time; Needing energy, wanting more energy, having zero energy, having "too much" energy.  Is energy really a "thing"?   YES!!!   

The easiest way to give you a vision of this is with the saying, "There's an elephant in the room."  That "thing" that no one wants to talk about.  Well, that elephant represents the energy. When the elephant can move out of the room, can be talked about or addressed, the energy shifts. The elephant goes where it is needed, wanted or moved out completely. 

Energy is real and it works best for healing in our bodies when it is balanced. Reiki Energy works to balance every organ system in our bodies so we can self heal.  

Energy is a beautiful thing and the Universe has unlimited amounts of positive energy just for YOU!  When you're ready to try something new, we are ready for YOU!  

Give your first Reiki Healing Energy session a try now and feel the positive effects for yourself!   

How to Have a Successfully Cranky Day


Sometimes it's perfectly fine to tell life to suck it.  

The motivational quotes on your Instagram wall, the pep talk that someone is spouting about in your Facebook feed, your workout instructor telling you that you can do it, even the cheer squad in your own head trying to make you feel guilty for grumbling; it's perfectly fine sometimes to tell them all just to suck it. 


1. OWN IT.

2. TRACK IT.  In other words, write it on your calendar.  I'm serious.  This is what it might look like;  "May 7, 2018:  Woke up super crabby. Irritable. Agitated. Why are people talking to me and why are birds chirping? It's so annoying. I hate everything. 

3.  CHUCKLE  a little because no one else knows that you hate everything today. It's your own personal secret and frankly, no one's darn business. 

4. When someone tries to talk to you at home or in public, listen to them. During this time, in your own head, say phrases like "Please stop talking to me."   Then chuckle a little more because even though you're listening to them and you're going to complete any necessary tasks for the day, you still have this personal secret that belongs to you alone; unlike those potato chips that no matter how hard you try, your kids still seem to find and you end up having to share.  

5. Laugh at your own self. Because you're being ridiculous and ridiculousness is EXACTLY what we all need sometimes. It's kind of fun.  

Then.... and this could potentially be the most important lesson for having a successfully terrible day....


BREAKDOWN (In case you're too annoyed today to read the whole thing.)     


**Why do we track?  Because it allows us to figure out the why. In figuring out the why, it can be easier to let go and move on to something better.  Patterns might exist or it might be a one time thing.   Maybe you're legitimately just having a bad day, which everyone has on occasion. Maybe you're in a hormonal fluctuation which goes for men as well as women. Maybe you're actually truly struggling, which happens to everyone at least once in their life,  and need the help of someone more qualified than your BFF, bag of cookies or running shoes.  

Either way, it's perfectly fine to feel whatever it is you're feeling and know that it's part of the process for this thing called life.  

At the Kitchen Table

“Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”
— Psalm 139:14

I don't even know when this happened. I don't remember the date or the day. I do remember sitting at the kitchen table having dinner with my kids when this struck me.  My child who was about 7 at the time, had just finished telling me a story that nearly broke my heart.

 I realized that it was because of me, my own issues with self-love, self-confidence and a false negative self-worth that I was teaching my own kids the same habits. I thought,  "If I don't realize my own value and set some boundaries for myself, if I don't begin modeling this in my actions and language, I'm going to teach my own kids to think that they don't matter either." 

We can speak one thing but our kids always watch how we're actually behaving.  Thinking that my own children, who are incredible in so many ways, could ever think they were less important than any other human being and didn't deserve respect, love or basic rights and care, was more than enough to take action. 

 I gave them a talk immediately at that table that was probably well above their full understanding at the time about the importance of recognizing that they really do matter; that they have the same rights as any other person regardless of who they are, what position or title they hold or how old they might be.

I hope that it doesn't take something drastic for you to recognize that YOU matter.  Your age, appearance, gender, job, history, present circumstance, NONE of it makes you who you are.  The fact that you are breathing makes you unique and incredible. 

If you are still unsure about this, reach out to me. I will help you continue your path of self-discovery because you are no less then awe-inspiring. 

You are unique. There is only one of you. We are not our circumstance or position. We are who God allows and gives us the permission to be. Learn to listen to your intuition, your heart and be that. Be the good.
— Hollie Bahr