Keeping our largest organ healthy!

Skin is the largest organ on our body. On the average adult, our skin spans roughly 22 square feet!  We need both internal and external support for our skin and it may change depending on our age.

Internal factors are things we can control such as hydration, nutrition, sleep.

External factors are environmental pollution, weather, sun exposure, bacteria and ingredients that we choose to apply, or not apply, directly to our skin . 

Skin is an excellent barrier but can also let things permeate which is why it's important to take note of things you may be exposed to in your surroundings and products.  

SUN EXPOSURE:  Did you know that you need 15 minutes of unprotected UVA time in the sun each day? While Vitamin D supplements are okay, sunshine is free and still the best way to increase your Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D affects your skin as well as your fatigue level, quality of sleep and mood.  Of course, if you have health conditions or tend to burn easily, taking precautions such as choosing non-peak hours may be your best option. 

H20: Drinking at least half you body weight in water will help deliver important nutrients to the cells in your skin to keep it functioning at it's highest cellular level. 

SLEEP: Skin repairs and rebuilds collagen while we sleep! Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep and you'll begin seeing the effects of this extra elasticity in as little as two weeks! 

CLEANING: Keeping skin clean is important. One of our biggest advances in medical care over history has been learning that basic washing can keep people from spreading bacteria or picking up illness from others.

Choosing the right exfoliation for your age and type of skin can help keep things open for vitamins (like Vitamin D), minerals, fats and other protective, nourishing components to enter. 

INGREDIENTS: Activated Charcoal can absorb over 2,000 times it's own weight in free radicals, pollution and toxins that build up. Many infections are caused simply by getting a cut and being exposed to the bacteria we already have on our skin.

Serums have a much smaller molecule than lotions and creams.  Serum generally allows nutrients to penetrate deeper which also allows any other lotions or creme on top to work at it's full capacity. I highly recommend serum be added to any skin care routine for face and neck.  

For full body, I recommend a body scrub containing salt, sugar, volcanic ash or charcoal powder. Follow either with nourishing and protective butters like Shea and Aloe to replace the good vitamins and healthy fats that we take away while getting rid of the bad.


20's: In our 20's skin isn't ready to grow up. Some days are clear and others you've got a code red in the middle of your chin.  Look for products containing Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel.   (Too Hot to Spot; Schwanky and Soft; Calling All Fairies; Exsqeeze Me, Gel Yes!; Bath Bomb Fizi's)

30's: Uneven skin tone is our biggest culprit during our 30's. Brightening ingredients like Vitamin C and Ginseng will help maintain a youthful glow. Now is also the time to start adding pro-aging products to your routine.  (Bright Young Thang, Serves You Bright)

40's: Skin begins to lose collagen and elastin in this age bracket. It needs help from ingredients like caffeine, peptides and antioxidants to look smooth and wrinkle free.  (Nothing Phases Me; Hips Don't Lie; Moisture 911; Hot and Gold; Defiant Collection)

50's: Likelier drier now than ever, skin in it's 50's needs more than just a heavy moisturizer. It's extremely important to exfoliate which allows moisture to absorb better.  Products containing Glycolic Acid, Fruit Enzymes and Eco-Beads are great for removing dull skin.  (BFF; Grit with it, Love the Dark, Pj's All Day, You Apricot Me)

Crystal Encapsulated Vegan Cholesterol, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin, Tea Tree oil, Caffeine, Colloidal Gold and Shea Butter are just a few other ingredients that can optimize skin appearance and performance. 

                  Shop Naturally Based Ingredients and Innovative Technology Here! 

                  Shop Naturally Based Ingredients and Innovative Technology Here!