When you have ZERO time for Self-Care

*Fun Fact*   This is me fresh out of the shower. About once a week, I get a little over excited about my to-do list. I panic about how to fit everything  in. I shower as fast as I can. I run around post-shower (ridiculous, I know) often getting stopped mid-grooming to attend to something for my kids or simply another idea I need to get down on paper.  So, here I am living in the moment, post-shower and anxious about my schedule. I decided I needed to show you. No staging, no make-up, just a quick picture in front of my window to show you that this is real life. It's not the first time, nor will it be the last that I leave the comb hanging mid-stroke to attend to something that seems pressing. I get it. Maybe you do too.

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Hollie Bahr