Different Views + Different Perspectives = Better Results

On a recent trip to Australia, I was the person in charge of navigating how to drive on the opposite side of the car, on the opposite side of the most winding, narrow road. The only things were a rock wall on one side and some trees with a steep drop off to the Coral Sea on the other. Or so I thought. The speed limit was not slow and changed about every 1/4 mile. No joke.  Needless to say, I couldn't take my eyes off the road.  Luckily there were 4 other passengers in the SUV.

I was so focused on where I had to be looking for our safety, that I missed all the other beautiful views and opportunities outside my range of vision. 

We had driven by this incredible stacking rock area SIX times over a 3 day period. I never noticed it! I was so busy navigating the main path, that I never realized there were several, very small, side stops.  I am so thankful there were passengers with me who not only saw this, but shared what they had experienced from their view. When they asked to stop and walk down to the area they could even tell me that they had also seen a place to pull off and park.   I can't believe I hadn't seen this! 

This situation applies to anything in our lives.  It's important to listen to other views and other perspectives.  When we do, we can often get better results in our own lives. 

Had I argued and disagreed about an accessible pull off area or a Zen Rock Garden I hadn't witnessed (I mean after all, I was the one driving. Of course I had seen "everything" on the route.) I would have never had this glorious opportunity with my family to create memories, have some fun and see something more breathtaking then that road I was so determined to stay on! 

 Bonus: We got some really cool pictures to go with those irreplaceable moments. 

Reiki Healing Energy works much like those passengers in the car.  It is a guide to open up new paths that can lead us to better moments in our lives that we can't, for many reasons, see right now.  We just have to be willing to pull over the vehicle and listen.  (That's a euphemism for  trying Reiki Energy and being open to different ways of getting you to the next step in your own life and wellness.)

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The Relentless Pursuit of Love

And the greatest of these is love.
— Corinthians 13:13
hollie grace ella relentless ziplining.jpg

Be relentless in your pursuit of love, life, joy and to just keep going. Each of our lives have an unknown, inevitable, expiration date.

If you can be an inspiration to even one person by being relentless through your own bumpy journey, then it will all have been worth it. 

I invite you, just in this moment, to let everything go. 

I encourage you to let all those ideas, methods or thoughts that you insist to be true or what you think is the only rational way to approach something, to dissolve.

It's okay to not have all the answers and it's okay to let the fear of possibility step in. Remember, it's just for the moment.   While you're at it, cut yourself some slack. 

I got an email this morning from an acquaintance. Her son was buried yesterday.  He died recently from an unexpected bacterial infection.  I did not ask details. I gave my sincere condolences and sat with that information on my heart all day. 

That news brought me back to something that I've learned over the last few years dealing directly with a real possibility of the death of my own children and myself; 


Not your title, education, age, social media status, relationship status, travel destinations, goals, what the weather is, what people think about how you run your life or the timeline in which you run it. Not your clothes, what you own, your social status or the hobbies you choose; Nor does your religion, philosophy on life or what you think about mine matter. 

Do you know what matters? YOU. People. Love. Care. Respect. Kindness.

Whatever else you decide to pursue is just extremely delicious icing on the cake. 


  YOU matter.  Loving people starts with yourself. Setting boundaries to keep yourself mentally, emotionally and physically healthy is a key component in making your moments with others count even more.   

Love People. Love Yourself. And be RELENTLESS in your pursuit to keep going.