how to reach a goal

It's not always going to be okay.

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It’s not always going to be okay;

Unless we let it be.

“Everything is going to be Okay”, is a phrase that I can no longer support. Why? Because everything doesn’t always work out “Okay”. Some things don’t work out at all.

I started adjusting my phrase from “It’s not okay, but we’re going to get through it.” to “It’s just meant to be different than I may have had in my head.”

Maybe YOU need to hear this right now about something that you’ve been going through that is just plain hard. You are not alone. This is probably is one of the hardest feeling things you’ve been through yet.

“This” (This situation, your goal, your life, etc) might just be meant to be different. You don’t have to know what different meas right now but together, we can figure it out.

Not everything is always okay-unless we let it be.

I’ve had many people ask me throughout the years why I believe in God; if I think there is Absolute Truth; How do I know; Why they should continue to have Faith when nothing, and I mean NOTHING, works in a way that makes sense.

I think if everything made sense, we WOULD be God and that’s simply not our job. It is our job to question things but it is also our job to make a choice even when things don’t make sense. Not making a choice, IS a making a choice to continue to flounder.

It’s SUPPOSED to get really hard sometimes. I thing we forget that especially when we get comfortable enjoying life.

HARD gets us to the best outcome. Now I’m not saying to make things hard on yourself on purpose. NOT even a little bit. I’m talking about both the times when life throws things at us that make zero sense or when we are shooting for goals that we want to achieve.

Perspective, humbleness, compassion for ourselves and others, physical and internal strength and success, with however we individually define success for ourselves, comes while we’re going through the process of tough things life has thrown at us or through challenges we’ve picked up to reach a goal for ourselves.

I get it, it’s hard. SOOO hard. What is “it”? Whatever you’re going through right now that feels hard. To move through to the next level it’s going to feel like it’s even more difficult because it’s just a territory you’ve never been in physically, emotionally, financially, etc. Breathing INTO it, leaning INTO it, working THROUGH it, is going to be the key that gives you the relief you’ve been looking for. The only shortcut to get through it, is to GO through it. (We’ll talk more about this in another post.”

Do not stay stuck. Emotionally, physically, financially or any other way that you’re uncomfortable with. Reach out to us and we will help point you in a direction.

Whether you need resource suggestion, another professional, a counselor, coach, mentor, fellow business entrepreneur, or even just encouragement, let us help connect you.