sing it from the rooftops

Will there be people that disagree with you? Of course, but it's worth telling for the one person you might help.

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You’ve got a story to tell and it’s not anyone’s story to tell but yours.

You need validation or a green light to tell it from no one except yourself.

Your education level, life station and income verification do not apply in order to tell your story.

Whether you tell it on a mountain, at a conference or with written word; Trust me, you’ve got a story to tell and there is someone out there that both wants and needs to hear it.

Don’t let your own self-doubt prevent you from helping others. They need you. We need you. The world needs you.

Don’t know where to start? Just start talking. The rest will figure itself out.

Your story, your perspective and after you share it, you’re going to know even more that you’re not alone in it.