Whether you workout and want to keep your muscles healthy, are recovering from an injury, surgery, fighting depression/anxiety, stress, just want to relax or simply have no idea what you need but know that you just need something, we’ve got your back!

The fastest way to get results is to do the work. Schedule your appointment today and together we will figure it out.

YES, we offer direct billing to medical insurance, workers comp and auto claim accidents as well as private pay clients.


Medical Massage & Bodywork

Medical Massage often accompanies a diagnosis from a Doctor. No diagnosis, no problem! We can help you with the rest as well. Schedule your first time or recurring sessions here:


Energy Healing

Looking for something different? Try Reiki Energy Healing! Whole Body Healing on a level your mind and body will thank you for!


We support Perfectly Posh Skincare because of it’s naturally based ingredients, how well it works and it’s affordability, Along with those top notch reasons, this company has an incredible sense of self-care and maintains the level of empowerment in people and business that we appreciate.

If you would like to try our skincare but don’t know where to start, please reach out! You can schedule a brief consult with us in person and we will help you find what will work for your needs.

Gift Certificates

1:1 Coaching

Do you need help with an area of your life you feel stuck? Maybe you want to try your hand with your own business, need help getting started with fitness or creating a plan for health but don’t know what you want to do or where to start. We can help.

We will reopen Coaching sessions for online scheduling in January 2020.